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160KW Water Source R744 Heat Pump for Commercial

Heat pump that uses water to water CO2 (R744) technology
Heating capacity of 160KW, power supply range of 380-440V
Controlled by an inverter
Designed in a modular manner
Capable of providing hot water up to 98℃
Can be used for cooling during summer or heating during winter
By simply changing the direction of the water flow
CO2 is a safe and environmentally friendly refrigerant that is neither flammable nor toxic.
  • LYDS-160ZW


Product Description
  1. By utilizing both hot water and cooling simultaneously, the system's COP will double if we make use of the cooling function.

  2. CO2 (R744) is a natural gas that has an ODP of 0 and a GWP of 1, making it highly environmentally friendly and minimizing its impact.

  3. The system is designed with high-quality components in a monobloc design to ensure a long lifespan.

  4. Operating the system is easy with its touch screen interface, and it is also integrated with Modbus for wireless central control connectivity.

  5. The modular design allows for the combination of multiple units to achieve a larger capacity.

  6. The CO2 (R744) heat pump water heater can achieve the same or even higher COP compared to conventional heat pumps used for heating and hot water systems.

  7. With its high-temperature output, the water source CO2 heat pump is a suitable replacement for gas or oil boilers, with a plug and play installation that eliminates the need to change the existing pipe system.

  8. As there is a growing demand for decarbonization projects that aim to eliminate gas and oil heating, the LYD heat pump is an excellent choice.

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