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40KW CO2 Heat Pump Hot Air Blower for Space Heating And Green House

Inverter Air to Air CO2(R744) heat pump
Dry heating/space heating
Split units with Outdoor and Indoor unit
Hot air temperature up to 110℃
Work efficiently even at -43℃
High COP for work shop space heating or greenhouse
Product Description

1. Achieving a COP of up to 4.5, this system provides exceptional efficiency for space heating or greenhouse purposes.

2. Utilizing CO2 (R744) as a natural gas, this solution has an ODP of 0 and a GWP of 1, ensuring minimal environmental impact.

3. Operating this system is a breeze, thanks to its user-friendly touch screen interface. Additionally, it can be seamlessly integrated with Modbus and connected to a wireless central control.

4. The CO2 (R744) heat pump hot air blower outperforms traditional heat pump HVAC systems in space heating due to its ability to release both sensible and latent heat. This is made possible by keeping all return temperatures below 30C.

5. Even in frigid temperatures as low as -30℃, this system can efficiently deliver hot air at 60℃, providing rapid and comfortable heating for urgent needs.

6. Choose between a split model or a portable monobloc unit to suit your specific requirements.

7. This CO2 system is an excellent choice for heating applications, offering a reliable source of hot air.

8. With a six-layer pressure protection system, this unit ensures safe and secure operation.

9. By utilizing a Medium temperature CO2 transcritical compressor, these units can operate efficiently even in extreme temperatures as low as -43℃.

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