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CO2(R744) heat pump suitable for what projects?

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The CO2(R744) heat pump is well suited for projects involving domestic hot water, such as hotels, student dormitories, gymnasiums, swimming pools, or any place that requires a large amount of hot water.

It is also suitable for projects that require both domestic hot water and space heating, where the domestic hot water comprises more than 30% of the heating capacity. This includes residential houses.

Furthermore, the CO2 heat pump can be used for projects that require high temperature water up to 98°C for disinfection. This is applicable in places like hospitals, restaurants, hotels, and the chemical industry.

Lastly, the CO2 heat pump is ideal for low temperature heating systems, such as underfloor heating (UFH) or radiators. With a return temperature below 30°C, the CO2 heat pump can achieve a very high coefficient of performance (COP) and save energy.

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