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Foshan LYD Energy Saving Technology Co., Ltd. located in Foshan City, is a high-tech enterprise focusing on research,design and produce CO2 (R744) Heat Pump and offer comprehensive energy-saving solutions. Working with senior technical consultants from China and Italy, LYD well positions itself in the Natural refrigerant CO2 (R744)segment, his products involve Swimming Pool Heat Pump, Space Heating Heat Pump, Domestic Hot Water Heat Pump, Commercial & Industrial High Temperature Water Heating Solution, Industrial and Agricultural Heat Pump Dryer and 120℃ Steam Grow Heat Pump With strong R&D strength, LYD is doing continuous development on the Heat Pump Technology, and supplying earth-friendly and people-friendly products with innovation. Reliable, Responsibility,Sustainable and efficient are LYD’s main mission.

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  • Q How to make CO2 heat pump with high COP?

    A The primary purpose of a CO2 heat pump is to regulate the temperature at the inlet. Since the critical temperature of CO2 is 30°C, in order to achieve a higher COP, it is necessary to release both the sensitive and latent heat during the gas cooler. To achieve this, it is important to ensure that the inlet temperature remains below 30°C. By doing so, CO2 will undergo a phase change within the gas cooler, resulting in the release of heat and ultimately leading to a higher COP.

  • Q Why CO2 heat pump

    A The usual refrigerants, such as R410 and R134a, are known for their high global warming potential (GWP) and ozone depletion potential (ODP). Due to these concerns, many markets have implemented strict regulations on these HFCs and are looking to switch to natural refrigerants like NH3, CO2, and R290. Among these options, CO2 stands out as the only non-toxic and non-flammable refrigerant with an A1 safety classification. As a result, R744 is an interesting alternative to HFCs in residential and commercial heat pumps.
  • Q What is the difference between CO2 heat pump and conventional heat pump

    When carbon dioxide (CO2) is released into the gas cooler, it operates in a supercritical state. Its temperature can exceed 100 degrees Celsius. If the temperature of the heat medium is above 30 degrees Celsius, CO2 will not undergo a change in phase within the gas cooler. In this case, we can only utilize its sensible heat, not its latent heat.
    In a traditional heat pump, the refrigerant will undergo a phase change within the condenser, releasing both sensible and latent heat into the medium.
  • Q What is a CO2 heat pump

    A The CO2 heat pump functions similarly to the traditional heat pump water heater. It operates by having the CO2 refrigerant extract heat from either the surrounding environment or brine water. This refrigerant is then compressed by the compressor, resulting in a vapor with high temperature and pressure. Subsequently, the vapor is released to the gas cooler, where it transfers the heat to the medium.


We are dedicated to develop and supply sustainable heat pump solution for customers, to lower the carbon footprint and energy consumption.
We are the China CO2 heat pump standard participant
We are the only one CO2 heat pump manufacturer in china, covering the residential and commercial market.


The CO2 heat pump  with inverter control is capable of providing different capacities based on the actual requirement, resulting in energy savings 
Inverter-controlled water pumps ensure swift and precise adjustment of the output flow to the desired temperature.
The units' proper functioning is ensured by a system consisting of six layers of protection against pressure and temperature.
The integration of Modbus enables the availability of a central control system, to operate and monitor the R744 heat pump system
efficient insulation to reduce the system's noise to a minimum
COP MAX control system, to optimize the efficiency of the heat pump
Self diagnose  simplifies the process of troubleshooting 

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