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CO2 heat pump lower the energy consumption for hotels

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A recent study has discovered that a hotel has the potential to significantly reduce its annual expenses and carbon dioxide emissions by 93% and 80% respectively. This can be achieved by replacing its current diesel-powered water heaters with CO2 water-source heat pumps combined with thermal storage tanks. The heat source for these pumps would be obtained from the hotel's main chiller system return pipe.

The study suggests a fresh approach by utilizing water from the hotel's air-conditioning system's chiller as the heat source, thereby enhancing overall efficiency. The chiller's water, which enters the evaporator at a temperature of 12°C (53.6°F) and exits at 7°C (44.6°C), provides heat for the liquid refrigerant inside.

The study reveals that a return on investment can be achieved in less than two years. This is primarily due to the CO2 heat pump's superior energy efficiency and its ability to enhance the air-conditioning system's efficiency by utilizing the chilled water as a heat source.

Although the primary comparison was made with diesel water heaters, the study also found that a CO2 heat pump combined with a chiller offers lower operating costs compared to liquefied petroleum gas heaters, natural gas heaters, and hydrogen water heaters.

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