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Shanxi Yanchi Junior School-CO2 Cascade Heat Pump System

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  • Location:Shanxi Yanchi Junior school

  • Units:LYDF-150XW (3pcs cascade CO2 heat pump)

  • Function:Offering Space heating

  • During the winter season, the temperature in the surroundings can drop as low as -35℃. However, we are able to provide hot water at a temperature of 75℃, which then returns at a temperature of 55℃. The radiator we use is of the old iron type and it is installed in a space that covers an area of 5000 square meters.

  • To achieve this, we utilize three pieces of CO2 air source heat pumps as the initial step. These heat pumps extract heat from the surrounding environment and supply water at a temperature of 30℃ to the screw water source heat pump, which acts as the second stage. The second stage heat pump then circulates heat throughout the building.

  • By implementing this system, we are able to significantly reduce carbon emissions and also save on energy costs.

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