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  • Water to Water CO2 heat pump

    Providing both warm water and heating, while also providing complimentary cooling for either a room or an industry.
    It boasts an overall COP of up to 7, indicating that approximately 1KW can generate 4KW of heat and 3KW of cooling. This results in an electricity bill reduction of around 80%.​​​​​​​

    Water to Water CO2 heat pump
  • Air to Water CO2 heat pump water heater

    The utilization of CO2 heat pump enables the generation of domestic hot water, with a commendable COP of 4. Furthermore, it exhibits excellent performance even in extremely cold conditions of -25℃. This heat pump technology is particularly well-suited for the production of hot water.​​​​​​​
    Air to Water CO2 heat pump for water heater
  • Residential Air to Water CO2 heat pump

    Providing warmth and hot water for your home, with a maximum temperature output of 90℃, operating efficiently even in freezing temperatures as low as -25℃, making it ideal for chilly regions. The use of CO2 as a natural refrigerant ensures minimal harm to the environment.
    Residential Air to Water CO2 heat pump
  • All in one CO2 heat pump water heater

    A versatile CO2 heat pump that combines hot water and heating in a single unit, ensuring effortless setup and impressive energy efficiency. It's a convenient plug-and-play solution.​​​​​​​
    All in one CO2 heat pump

  • Air Source CO2 Swimming Pool heat pump
    Cost-effective and environmentally friendly pool heating solution, employing a non-hazardous and non-combustible CO2 refrigerant. This innovative system can significantly reduce your electricity expenses by up to 70% when compared to conventional electric heaters.​​​​​​​
    Air Source CO2 Swimming Pool heat pump
  • Ultra high temperature heat pump
    Utilize a high-temperature HFO coolant to extract heat from industrial processes and convert water into steam at 125℃, which can be further increased to 160℃ with the aid of a secondary steam compressor. Achieving a COP of 4 for 125℃ production implies a remarkable 50% reduction in energy consumption. Similarly, a COP of 1.8 can be attained for 160℃ production.
    Ultra high temperature heat pump
  • Heating and Cooling combined model CO2 heat pump.
    An environmentally-friendly option for providing hot water and regulating temperature in commercial settings, all in one device. During the winter, it functions as an air source heat pump, extracting heat from the surroundings and distributing it for heating and hot water purposes. In the summer, it continues to provide hot water while also offering free cooling, resulting in significant energy savings of up to 80% and a COP (Coefficient of Performance) that can reach as high as 7.​​​​​​​
    Ultra high temperature heat pump
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