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160KW Air And Water Source Combined CO2 Heat Pump for Commercial Cooling And Heating

Inverter CO2 A2W and W2W heat pump, cooling and heating model
160KW heating capacity, 380~440V power supply
Offering hot water and heating in winter
Offering cooling and hot water in summer
Working as air source heat pump in winter
Woking as water source heat pump in summer
In summer , the total COP of the unit can reach 7
Product Advantage
  1. Utilize CO2 heat pump technology to provide cooling and heating capabilities for various projects.

  2. The maximum temperature for hot water can reach up to 98℃.

  3. Simple to operate, featuring a user-friendly touch screen interface. Includes integrated Modbus for connectivity to a wireless central control system.

  4. Efficiently generates hot water and offers complimentary cooling, resulting in significant energy savings.

  5. Ideal for establishments such as hotels and dormitories, where both hot water and cooling are required.

  6. Achieves a maximum COP of 7 when simultaneous heating and cooling are necessary.

  7. Utilizes a combined air and water source CO2 (R744) heat pump, delivering hot water and free cooling during summer months, or hot water and space heating in winter.

  8. During summer, excess heat from the hot water is released to the surrounding environment using a cooling tower.

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