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Heat Pump Dryer for Industry Laundry with Energy Saving

Inverter High Temperature Heat Pump dryer
Closed heat pump dryer for industry laundry
Save 50% of the energy consumption
Intelligent control for energy saving
Special developed for high temperature drying processing
Product Description

1. Heat pump for drying laundry, reducing carbon emissions.

2. Advanced heat pump technology for high temperatures.

3. User-friendly operation with a touch screen interface. Modbus integration allows for connection to wireless central control.

4. Equipped with filters to remove small fibers from materials.

5. Perfect for industrial laundry factories, reducing daily costs.

6. Inverter control allows for various capacities based on requirements, reducing energy consumption.

7. Decarbonization solution that eliminates gas and oil heating as a source for laundry dryers.

8. Can be directly installed next to the tumble dryer with air inlet and outlet connections.

9. No specialized technician required for maintenance, units can be controlled through a computer.

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