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56KW air source R744 heat pump high efficiency

DC Inverter CO2 heat pump
heating/hot water/ combination
Modular design
hot water temperature up to 98℃
Work efficiently even at -43℃
CO2 none flammable none toxic refrigerant
  • LYD-56ZW-M


Product Description

1. With the highest efficiency in producing domestic hot water, COP up to 4.3

2. CO2(R744) is natural gas, with ODP=0 GWP=1,it can minimize the impacts to environment

3. Monoblock design with high quality components

4. Easy operation, with touch screen interface.Modbus is integrated,can connected to wireless central control

5. Modular design, can be combined to get bigger capacity

6. CO2(R744)heat pump water heater can get same or higher COP than the conventional heat pump for heating and hot water combined system.

7. Can set temperature above 70℃, to kill the bacteria inside the buffer tank, more clean and more safe for the DHW

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